Dare Mode

Dare is a turn-based game you can play against your friends.

Starting Matches
  • Create an account with Facebook or email
  • Start a match with a random foe to start building your rematch list
  • You can also start a match with a friend if you know their username
  • From the rematch tab in the lobby, you can start a match with a recent opponent
  • From Start Game > Rematch, you can select one friend to start a match or select multiple opponents to broadcast a Group Dare
  • Start Game > Facebook will send the friends you select a link to download the game
  • Start Game > Twitter will tweet your username to your friends and the Texas Twist Poker community
  • Gameplay is similar to Solo, but whoever makes the best hand wins the pot
  • The shuffle and twists are the same for each player
  • See results and replays after both players take their turn
Turn Alerts
  • Enable Turn Alerts via Dare Lobby > Options > Push to receive a push notification when it's your turn to play or review a Dare
  • If you're not receiving alerts, check the FAQ for tips

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